Publications of the experts of the multidisciplinary project team.

Progress towards Czech National Cybersecurity Qualifications Framework

  • Cybersecurity is a crucial aspect of the progress towards cybergovernance.

  • The coordinated and joined approach to ensure high level of cybersecurity throughout the country´s ICT infra-structures involves apart from the centralized cybersecurity activities and collaboration among CSIRTs also unified understanding of cybersecurity requirements, roles and activities among commercial entities, governmental agencies as well as individual cybersecurity ex-perts.

  • We present our current progress towards establishing such qualifications framework in the Czech Republic.

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The Matter of Cybersecurity Expert Workforce Scarcity in the Czech Republic and Its Alleviation through the Proposed Qualifications Framework

  • This paper is focused on challenges connected with the persisting imbalance between the supply and demand of the cybersecurity expert workforce.

  • We analyse the current situation in the Czech Republic, finding that although the shortage of experts affects the private and public sectors both, the public sector is constrained by a massive financial undervaluation of cybersecurity experts and other legal and systematic deficiencies and obstacles and therefore has a much lower chance of attracting talents in this field.

  • The inability of public institutions to find relevant workforce causes, among other things, problems with formulating public procurements, assessing offers and communicating their requirements to the supply-side of the labour market.

  • One of the solutions to this crisis might be in the systematic support of education programmes. However, the cybersecurity field is so dynamic and fragmented that the alignment of the education programme with the market needs presents a significant challenge.

  • There, a unified qualifications framework could serve as a basis for finding common ground. We focus on the benefits of creating such a framework, especially the benefits that a united taxonomy can bring to the cybersecurity labour market by bolstering cybersecurity higher education.

  • Finally, we summarise the key features of the cyber-qualifications framework that is being developed under our current project and highlight its potential use for labour market optimisation and efficient development of new cybersecurity study programs and further education.

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The cybersecurity qualifications as the prerequisite for the cybersecurity certification of entities

  • There is no way of maintaining an effective state administration without proper cybersecurity measures.

  • A relatively new way of strengthening overall cybersecurity of the Union is the widespread use of the cybersecurity certification. The certification procedures are now primarily focused on products, but that will probably shift in the future. Instead of ever-evolving products, there shall be certification procedures for services, processes and maybe even for the entities themselves.

  • Even though there are no foundations for this idea to evolve yet, the qualification frameworks could possibly present a solution to this predicament, a first step of defining the future schematic requirements.

  • In this article, I present the possible future for the certification systems and emphasize the importance of the qualification frameworks as the prerequisite for the entities-stage of cybersecurity certification.

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