The CyQUAL project was created to better describe the key knowledge, skills, and abilities of cybersecurity professional roles using common terminology.


The purpose of the project is to create a universal, holistic, and detailed qualifications framework valid for cybersecurity in the Czech Republic.

The project National Qualification Framework in Cybersecurity is funded by the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic under the Security Research Programme of the Czech Republic 2015-2022 (project code VI20192022161). The application guarantor is the National Cyber and Information Security Agency (NÚKIB) and the investigator is Masaryk University, Faculty of Informatics.

This framework will describe the current classification of individual professional roles. A comprehensive description of the required knowledge, skills, and abilities will allow systematically target the training of experts.



Digitalization permeates the whole of society and brings on challenges and threats for individuals, companies, and organizations as well as for governments. The Czech Republic has lacked enough cyber security experts to meet market demand.

The creation of a cyber qualifications framework is the basis for unifying the different views on the requirements for cyber security experts, especially in terms of workforce qualifications and education. The importance of alignment is repeatedly expressed across institutions.

  • The framework will offer a taxonomy and common vocabulary to describe cybersecurity work role requirements regardless of the sector where the work is performed.

  • Understanding the skills requirements of the labor market is essential for the effective development of education and training programs that will lead to overall improvement. Universities will be able to better predict the requirements for cyber security experts and therefore develop more relevant training programs.

  • By identifying the basic prerequisites for each work role, it will also be possible to design certification systems to demonstrate their achievement.




  • creation of a universal, holistic and detailed framework of qualifications for cybersecurity valid for the Czech Republic

  • up-to-date classification of individual professional roles, comprehensive description of required knowledge, skills, and abilities

  • making the framework available through an online platform

  • practical application on the labor market both on the supply side (education and candidates) and on the demand side (employers).


  1. research and analysis of available sources of inspiration

  2. revision, adaptation and assignment of elements and qualifications to individual work roles, modification of work role structure and revision of individual elements, translation into Czech.

  3. development and launch of a dynamic online platform, adjustments to the framework according to practical requirements, consultations, preparation of an action plan

  4. dissemination, ensuring continuity of the framework and its use after the end of the project

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