The Qualifications Framework classifies cybersecurity work roles, characterizes the required knowledge, skills, and abilities, and will serve as a common reference point for cybersecurity capacity development in the Czech Republic. Framework and platform are available here.


The Qualifications Framework will provide a systematic overview of cybersecurity work roles to facilitate orientation in the labour market, support the development of appropriate training programmes and encourage closer cooperation between educational institutions and private or public sector entities to develop the necessary expert capacity.

Defining a common terminology and taxonomy of relevant work roles, qualification requirements and expected competences will ensure a functioning dialogue between the different stakeholders. A better understanding through a unifying framework will further contribute to the development of training of cybersecurity experts who will be able to respond to new trends and challenges and increase preparedness in the dynamic field of cybersecurity.

The framework has been developed in line with available international experience and taking into account the future framework developed under the ENISA initiative. A significant inspiration for the development of the framework was the NICE Qualifications Framework, developed by the US NIST.

In the current version (v1.0), the framework represents a database of 90 Work Roles, classified under 37 Specialization Areas, divided into 7 shielding Categories. There are over 1,000 Requirements with overall more than 27,000 links to Work Roles, classified under 59 Competencies, grouped under 4 Competency Groups. Furthermore, the database includes a comparable number of links between Work Roles and more than 1000 Tasks. The framework is bilingual, in Czech and English, and contains not only the definition of individual elements through names and points, but also descriptions of extension elements for better orientation in the content. For an example, see the structure of Work Roles.

A significant added value over existing qualifications frameworks is the creation and optimisation of the framework using an interactive online platform that will be publicly accessible. This Platform will provide access to the Qualifications Framework in the form of open data, allowing the potential of this common reference point to be maximised through additional extensive applications and linking to other data structures. The Platform is being developed to allow easy collection of feedback from stakeholders, which will not only allow for optimisation of content and the actual achievement of the common reference perspective, but also for the Qualifications Framework to be updated in response to developments in the field of cybersecurity and the requirements of the experts working and in demand there. For a closer look, see the preview of the Platform and its structure.

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